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New announcement - The opposition candidate for Secretary General

On May 3rd, 2017, the International Criminal Court accepted a unique legal argument authored by

Miriam Clements, which renders:

This SQP-ICC legal argument criminalises the individuals inflicting conditions of environmental destruction that bring about contamination and climate change.  Clements also argues that the Rome Statute can enforce the Paris Agreement to ensure the transition of between 120 and 195 nations to

entirely sustainable economies.

We await the courts decision and continue to develop the depth of the cases.

An International Environmental Defense, Human Rights and Sustainable Business Transition Agency

The only existing international law

that defines

industrial destruction and contamination

of ecosystems

as illegal,

with the power to order and enforce penalities upon individual

decision-makers; thus directing the culture of investment and development toward sustainability. 


On September 15th 2016, five years after I identified this law possible and began pioneering cases to the I.C.C., 

the court announced 

this 'Environmental Destruction'

 argument to be valid, thus prosecutions are possible.

The SQP-ICC legal context brings to life an existing law, with the power to prevent and halt thousands of industrial developments and operations that are causing devastation to people and the planet.


The SQP-ICC context provides one

of the most powerful and direct mechanisms to force the world's transition to clean industry, prevent impending harm and force accountability upon those advancing substantial destruction.


Support our active facilitation of the

only existing legal mechanism with

the power to force the compromise

of power and profit, for the benefit  

of human and environmental health.



[ for sustainability ]

* Join the commitment to request that the ICC and UN vote for an amendment to the Rome Statute 'interpretation text', which would extend the protection offered by the SQP-ICC context, to all life groups, including coral reefs and rainforest ecosystems; creating the only law that offers these ecosystems international protection through criminal penalties.


* Join the commitment to request that the ICC and UN formalise the ICC extension for sustainability cases, as an 'International Criminal Court for Sustainability' with existing law within the SQP-ICC context of the Rome Statute, to immediately apply.


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The UN fails to protect human rights and the environment as a pawn of corrupt and destructive member states


Indigenous leaders have signed a Declaration of Independence written by Miriam Clements in representation of Columbian Chief Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado, which determines that under International law, Indigenous people have the right to declare sovereignty over their traditional territories as Independent or Confederated Tribe.  

In September 2016, 65 Indigenous leaders signed the #NatureNations Declaration of Independence for submission to Ban Ki-Moon, requesting that their admission to membership at the United Nations was discussed during the September 2016 General Assembly.  Ban Ki Moon accepted their Declaration of Independence, acknowledging receipt in his last month in office.  This should trigger a vote at the United Nations to consider the indigenous chiefs membership of the Rainforest as a new country.





Protecting our most essential major ecosystems which support human survival and animal species - including Rainforests, Coral Reefs and the Arctic - will be governed as #NatureNation states to be recognised by the United Nations

as the worlds newest countries with an 

international moratorium against contaminating industry as a global commitment to protect our environmental systems that sustain life.


Benchmarking Antartica for International Agreement.

The 'interpretation text' amendment that could protect entire ecosystems under the existing statute

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The application of the SQP-I.C.C Contamination, Environmental and Climate Destruction legal argument, was accepted by the court in 2015 to defend the Great Barrier Reef.

NOW a new submission is currently under development, collaborating with Australian environmental lawyers and scientists, to bring to life the last remaining legal defense against the industrial destruction of one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

This is the Victory Australia campaign. CLICK THROUGH TO THE WEBSITE


The Energy Eminence commercialisation model, configures solar, plant and water technologies, which are not yet suitable for large scale processing plant installations, within a micro-grid installation model,

that realises economy of scale by utilising

a virtual power plant to connect multiple

small-scale processing installations.



Waste Complete integrates multiple waste-to-value technologies that transform 100% of generated waste into an optimised value 

output, which extracts an eternal lifecycle for energy and entirely eliminates a cities waste.


Support the exhibition installation clusters, which connect local stakeholders to facilitate city energy transitions globally.



small-scale, decentralized,

localized commercialization models, that will transition

existing cities

to self-sufficient


utilizing existing technology innovation





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The Jaguar Man
Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado

Spiritual Leader of the Amazon Rainforest

​​​​​​​​Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado




that is, to change the current and conscious decisions by investors, directors and leaders, 

that will escalate environmental and humanitarian contamination and devastation, due to their short term objective of maintaining consistency of profit, power, convenience and comfort; secured at significant cost to third world communities, future generations and all that which sustains life. Preventing the destruction of ecosystems, for jobs, energy, economies or benefits of secondary importance to the survival of our lifesystems.



SQP actively advances alternative strategies to prevent further harm and to balance the cost. 

The life-system compromise must be eliminated.

If your objective was to prevent climate change...

Who wants a revolution?


In 2016, Miriam Clements was nominated for Secretary General of the United Nations, as an independent..., whereby no letter, law or rule requires that nominations are made by member states.  The appointment of a leader in human rights and environmental protection is arguably the only hope for the United Nations to have an ethical future.  With a formal interview scheduled then cancelled, the UN failed it's promise of a transperent election.