The law of nature is self evident.

The rights of the ancestral people to autonomously govern their lands,

in protection of nature, the same.


Protecting our most essential major ecosystems which support human survival and animal species - including Rainforests, Coral Reefs and the Arctic - will be governed as #NatureNation states to be recognised by the United Nations

as the worlds newest countries with an 

international moratorium against contaminating industry as a global commitment to protect our environmental systems that sustain life.


Benchmarking Antartica for International Agreement.

Indigenous leaders have signed a Declaration of Independence written by Miriam Clements in respresentation of Columbian Chief Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado, which determines that under International law, Indigenous people have the right to declare sovereignty over their traditional territories as Independent or Confederated Tribe.  In September 2016, 65 Indigenous leaders signed the #NatureNations Declaration of Independence for submission to Ban Ki-Moon, requesting that their admission to membership at the United Nations was discussed during the September 2016 General Assembly.  They were ignored.  Read update at: 

Transitioning to a world-leading clean energy and sustainable industry nation, through protecting natural resources from extraction, develops a platform for peace and abundant economic opportunity within a knowledge economy; 

codifying their ancient belief system to protect nature and govern a sanctuary for life as a wisdom economy


"A sacred territory, revered as a sanctuary for life, in all it's manifestations.  A co-existence in harmony between nature

and people.  Embodied with co-operation and mutual support,

a powerful indigenous leadership of spiritual and cultural cohesion, will give internal strength, external presence and international governance.  A land where identity, unity, spirituality and culture is valued.  A nation lead by the ancestral people of the Amazon, may become renowned, loved, respected and admired, nationally and across the world"

Kazike Taita Querubin Queta
Miriam Clements

a new nation state



Rainforests governed as nature nation states with an international moratorium on contaminating industry as a global commitment to protect ecosystems that sustain life




A vision shared by Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado and Miriam Clements 

Ancestral guardians of the rainforest declare sovereignty

over their sacred territory as the Confederation of Indigenous Tribes, who codify their ancient belief system to govern the rainforest

as a sanctuary for life, realised through a wisdom economy

Amazonia - A Spiritual Leader
Amazonia - A Wisdom Economy
Amazonia - Spirituality

​​​​​​​​​​Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado

Code of Wisdom


Union of Wisdom


​​​​​​​​​​Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado

​​​​​​​​​​Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado

Wisdom Economy



For thousands of years, the Amazonian Tribes have been masters and guardians of the Amazon Rainforest in South America.  They retained an ancient knowledge and sacred connection passed down through generations, to live in harmony with nature and in equilibrium with the spirit, natural, human and material worlds.


In a world of nation states, the spiritual Amazon leader, Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado and Miriam Clements, propose the return of The Amazon to 'A Nature Nation' as a new nation state.  The world's second nation state, dedicated to protect the global life-system and advance scientific research for future generations, by benchmarking Antartica's international agreement.


The Amazon Rainforest land supports 20% + of the world's oxygen system, hold 20% + of the world's fresh water, is the habitat to more than 30% of the world's living species, and is a land of ongoing scientific discovery for medicinal value to humanity.  


This land is sacred to its indigenous people, who wish to protect the natural life-system, animals and fauna species, from the contamination of large industrial developments.  It is a land whose preservation, is essential to the survival of future generations of humanity.  The Amazon Rainforest land belongs to life itself.


A Nature Nation requires the industrial and governance withdrawal from the post colonialization administering powers, to be replaced by an international agreement that effectively grants the rainforest an internationally agreed or imposed moratorium against dirty industry.  The indigenous ask for a respectful end to the war that Western civilizations bought to their lands and people.


A Nature Nation transitions Amazonia into a nation state, where neighboring governments and corporations will no longer encroach on the natural born rights of this jungle territory, without consent or mandate, but realize a new economic value in the natural spiritual, wisdom, knowledge and sustainable economy that historically exists in the jungle.  


Whilst the economies of the Amazon rainforest, remain fixed to industrial economies, the preditory nature of dirty industry will continue to conflict with the states need to 'keep up cultural preservation' appearences.  Clearly the industrial priority is typically considered much more profitable and if securing GDP is their preference to human rights protection and environmental preservation, then the administering powers, their armed military forces and their international 'nation state' mandates, will continue to advance developments which cause the contaminatation of the indigenous terroritories, through billion dollar dirty industry projects.  In real terms, the indigenous have very little protection as enforceable rights, if their government and judicial systems are unwilling to protect them.  Recent cases of trade agreements have shown that even when the government tries to protect their land and rights, infact they may be unable to defend an entire nation against the advance of large corporations, who can compel with legal force, their 'opportunity lost' incase a country denies their licensing for oil extraction, hydrodams, gold mines and other harmful industrial projects.


Ultimately to transition the Amazon into a new nation state, determined to protect nature, is for the benefit of all future generations of the world.  Amazonia - A Nature Nation, provides a unified indigenous people of the Amazon, with their rightful autonomous rule, that in turn provides the world with it's most direct mechanism to completely protect this important ecosystem from dirty industry.  


In a time, when the world faces a global climate change catastrophy, it is ironic, that thousands of dirty industry developments continue to advance with international corporate investment and facilitation; alongside local governments who speak of carbon mitigation and reduction, whilst actively developing their emmision level.  


In the Amazon, the plans for fracking, oil extraction, mining, hydrodams and many forms of harmful industry, continue to advance en-masse.  The SQP-ICC legal context within the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, offers a chance for international legislative protection against the decision makers advancing the harm.  However, the world should consider it's most efficient possibilites.  The law of nature is self evident.  Our duty to protect and preserve the lands which support life itself, the same.



Amazonia - A Nature Nation, will be recognized as a nation state 

dedicated to the preservation of the natural ecosystem, the jungle's animals, [ 30% of the worlds plant species, 20% of the worlds oxygen and fresh water ] and it's people.  Amazonia, a new nation state, will restore the self evident law of nature in harmony with the ancestral masters. The spiritually guided indigeneous guardians of the rainforest, will recover & reinstate their code of wisdom to protect and nurture the purity their sacred land, water, plants and animals.

Amazonia - A Spiritual Leader
Amazonia - A Wisdom Economy
Amazonia - Spirituality

Rainforests governed as nature nation states with an international moratorium on contaminating industry as a global commitment to protect ecosystems that sustain life







SQP is facilitating the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, in their declaration of independence; as a new nation state to the United Nations.  Securing this right under international law to autonomous governance, can protect the rainforest ecosystem for the world, by enforcing an international moratorium against the thousands of new dirty industry developments advancing.  


The return of this land to the guardianship of it's ancestral people, is possible on the basis of the 1933 Montevideo Convention, the 1960's United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV), Article 5, 1541 (XV), Article 3 and the UN Millenium Declaration 2000. 


Additionally, the Resolution adopted by the General Assembley of the United Nations, in their 62nd Plenary Meeting in 2005, features

 Article 11, which "Urges the administering Powers concerned to take effective measures to safeguard and guarantee the inalienable rights of the peoples of the Non-Self-Governing Territories to their natural resources, including land, and to establish and maintain control over the future development of those resources, and requests the administering Powers to take all necessary steps to protect the property rights of the peoples of those Territories" 


The reality is the opposite to this as the current administrators of the indigenous lands are not safeguarding or gauranteeing the protection the natural resources on the indigenous interests,; otherwise in accordance with the wishes of the indigenous people, under current circumstances, all contaminating industry would cease in the Amazonia rainforest.


Using indigenous rights to install an international moratorium against industry which contaminate the rainforests, will help to sustain life for the global population.  Defining the Amazon Basin as a Nature Nation's, would offer significant protection against climate change, by preserving the natural balance of the worlds most important ecosystems. 

Written in English, Spanish, Portuguese



The world needs to understand, there is almost no protection for the rainforest against dirty industry.  We are allowing companies and governments to destroy it, because the land is not theirs to love.


The indigenous and river people of the Amazon, are gathering in 2015 across nation boarders, to agree upon the mandate for the international recognition of 'Amazonia - A Nature Nation'.  


The 'Amazonia - A Nature Nation'  Separation Treaty, will reinstate their autonomous and independent right to govern the Amazonian people's ancestral lands, based on their traditional values to protect the purity, harmony and the equilibrium of nature and spirit, as codified in the 'Amazon - Code of Wisdom'.


The withdrawl of all external governance and corporations will be required by the 'Amazonia - A Nature Nation' Separation Treaty, unless their operations are entirely sustainable, for the benefit of the global populations health and with the blessing of the indigenous chiefs.  A complete profile of those individuals and entities, who would be requested and required to withdrawl from the unauthorised occupation and contamination of these sacred lands is being compiled.  A transition plan is to be proposed to facilitate the ceasing of all contaminating activity in the rainforest.


The terms of the 'Amazonia - A Nature Nation' Separation treaty, benchmarked on the Antartica agreement but adapted to include the constitution desired by the indigenous people, will reinstate the rule of their own lands, by presenting the conditions, which the indigenous people are willing to offer the foreigners as the protocol for governance of the entry and interaction rights of foreign parties, within the Amazon terroritories.  


The indigenous people are deciding upon the profiles of economic value for mutual benefit, such as tourism, healing, teaching, scientific study, etc...; for which economic and travel entry to the Amazon is most likely to be gained through the neighbouring nation states; whereby such routes will allow the neighbouring countries to retain economic value from the Amazon, where it meets the specifications of the Indigenous spiritual beliefs as profiled in the 'Amazon - Code of Wisdom'.


The land of the Amazon belongs to the indigenous people of the Rainforest and those whom they give authority to co-exist with them. Their rightful power to govern, that which nature made them masters of, must be honored, returned by the world and respected.


Ultimately, the 'Amazonia - A Nature Nation' preservation of nature and human rights, is in the best interests of all the future generations of the world as the Amazon jungle ecosystem sustains all life on earth.




 Under the current law, the governments of South America are obliged to carry out consultation with the indigenous people, prior to licensing dirty industrial developments but the results of such discussions are not binding.


Therefore the indigenous only have rights to control and protect their lands, if their wishes are listened to and this is almost never the case.  In reality, without enforceable legislation to protect their rights, the indigenous people, currently have effectively no rights in defense of the political, corporate, financial and armed on-slaught of those who pursue the value within their lands without consent.  This development conflicts with their way of life which requires uncontaminated land, water and air for survival but importantly, it is also in contradiction to their 'spiritual' commitment to preserve the purity of their lands.


Currently, where the South American national governments facilitate the violations of their inalienable right to consultation, the indigenous owners of the rainforest lands, can lodge a claim with the inter-american human rights court ( IAHRC ), who can issue precautionary measures to local South America governments, that order apologies for any harm already caused or ask for current developments to be halted but these orders are not binding.  There is no requirement for the government obey these orders either.  A case in point is Dilma [ Brazilian President ] ignoring the IAHRC orders to stop the Belo Monte hydrodam, therefore this law has no authority to enforce judements or impose penalties.


The IAHRC court is funded by the very governments it seeks to control and Dilma has proven that those governing powers can easily dismiss it as nothing more than a theatre, providing some illusion of protection but in concrete terms, it cannot enforce protection orders for the indigenous and their lands, nor stop the harm from progressing.


There is no legal requirement to consider the indigenous wishes expressed during consultation, and there is no way to enforce their obvious rights to protect their environment.  All that is required is that the governments and companies follow the protocal for consultation adequately, and then they are able to do to the indigenous people and the land, as they wish, without accountability as long as they have the administering governments co-operation.

[ with the exception of the SQP-ICC International Criminal Court legal context -].






Thousands of dirty energy developments are currently planned for the Amazon, with foreign interests, national governments and global investors, forcing upon these spiritually connected people [ who do not have armies, guns and non-applicable legislative control ] a bullied theft, contamination and destruction of their lands.  They have been wisdom guardians of this ecosystem for thousands of years and are hoping to gain the support of the international community, to resume their natural desire to protect these lands that are sacred to life for all future generations.  The corporate-goverment alliance decision makers, who are intent on furthering destructive development for secondary benefits, do not have this right to continue  and their oppresive, unethical, immoral conduct must be stopped, with both justice waged, and peace and security finally provided to the people who have been too long under attack.


What protection do the Indigenous people and their lands have, when the national governments are intent on facilitating the development of the rainforest without an end in sight;  when the Union Court, in heirachy above the national courts, has no power of enforcement and when other international treaties and human rights councils have no legislative power to imprison or financially penalise.  The fact that courts or tribunals of no power, hear cases, infact can mislead those concerned, to believe that protection and justice may be achieved, when infact, they have no power to hold perpetrators of this harm accountable or prevent the harm from continuing.


THE SQP-ICC legal context offers indigenous people possibly their only protection, if national judicial systems are unable or unwilling.


Sustainable Quality Premium, develops cases based on the International Criminal Court SQP-ICC context, which offers the ability to investigate, trial and imprison the individuals who are causing the harm, in the case that the national governments are advancing profit interests ahead of environmental and human rights protection.


The fact that this accountability exists, if the cases are financed and investigated, is promising.  However, to comprehensively protect these lands, thousands of legal actions will require tax payers of the world to finance thousands of investigations and trials, that hold the power to imprison many of the world's top directors, investors and decision makers for their industrial environmental contamination crimes; or compel them to abandon their harmful activities to eliminate their liability.  The SQP-ICC context, provides the potential for an important outcome of criminal accountability, financial forfieture and halted dirty industry, however...  'Amazonia - A Nature Nation' provides a more direct, all-encompassing, effective solution for environmental and human rights protection.

Amazonia - A Spiritual Leader
Amazonia - A Wisdom Economy
Amazonia - Spirituality

Rainforests governed as nature nation states with an international moratorium on contaminating industry as a global commitment to protect ecosystems that sustain life







'A Nature Nation' for the Amazon is an effective, efficient way to achieve the world's best strategy to prevent further devastation of this life system.  Importantly, it will also end the disgrace and destruction waged against a spiritual and free people of ancient tradition and return freedom to their currently occupied land.


For Nature Nations, a united indigenous people of the Amazon, stand together with future generations of the world and demand that the co-operative corporate and governance alliance of administering powers, who are intent on developing the rainforest, withdrawl from the occupation and compromised governance, so that we may protect the ecosystem that provides life to all and return the right of governance, to those with whom it belongs.


As a united indigenous population, whose ancestors have governed and mastered these lands for thousands of years, we collectively call on those who lead the neighbouring national governments and the leaders of the world, to seek the value held within the wisdom, spiritual and sustainble economy, that can operate within the Amazon terrorities, without harming that which is sacred to life.

seperation treaty

Written in English, Spanish, Portuguese

SQP argues that the Amazon should be regarded as a post colonialization 'Non-Self-Governing Territories', which is the term used in the Charter of the United Nations, to define all colonial and other dependent territories with the exception of trust territories, for which the trusteeship system has been created. The status of a non-self-governing territory is set down in Chapter XI of the UN Charter, which contains the Declaration regarding Non-self-governing Territories.


According to the Charter, the UN members that bear or accept responsibility for governing non-self-governing territories, thereby obligate themselves to promote the well-being of the population of these territories; secure their economic, political, and social progress; develop self-government; and regularly submit to the secretary-general of the UN information on the situation in these non-self-governing territories. The Department of Political Affairs, Trusteeship, and Decolonization exists within the UN Secretariat to study the situation in the non-self-governing territories. The principal UN agency with the responsibility to search for the best ways and means of eliminating colonial regimes in non-self-governing territories, is a special committee set up to oversee implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, which was adopted by the 15th session of the General Assembly (1960).


Since the founding of the United Nations, most of the non-self-governing territories have achieved independence. The colonial powers have frequently resisted the aspirations of peoples in the non-self-governing territories toward freedom and independence.  In the case of South Amercia, the administering powers, are abusing their right of governance, to extract value for private and public enterprize, whilst devastating the land and people.  Thus, the indigenous have an excellent basis from which to seek independence and assume their natural right to representing themselves at an international level of governance.



Across the Amazon currently, hundreds of dirty industry projects are planned, under construction or intended.  The hysteria of Climate Change and its global solutions, define nothing to limit or stop this destruction due.


​​​​​​​​​​Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado

Wisdom Economy



The dialogue that suggests a healthy economy must choose between environmental protection and economic development, is intellectually deficient.  The beauty of deficiency, is that it can be corrected with the right approach and adjustments.


The OECD openly states that it's member states are moving toward predominently knowledge based economies.   But the moral question we must ask, is if this is achieved by other non-member states being the labor, resource, toxicity and sacrifice economies, that absorb the destruction required for the industry base that powers nations like the OECD.


The security proposition for Amazonia, A Nature Nation, is for a re-evolution into it's natural, ancestral state, as a wisdom economy. Not a knowledge economy, which would be in search of the latest technology, skill or scientific discovery; but as our teachers; bequeathing spiritual knowledge wtih an understanding of the universe, the soul and all that exists.  This is the wish of many indigenous leaders. These people have a wisdom to teach the world.


This ancient culture of people, who've suffocated in the misery inflicted upon them, still hold the desire, to impart the spiritual wisdom that their ancestral knowledge, rituals and traditions, can provide to others.  The love which may heal the individual by cleansing, guiding and teaching the soul.  For those spiritually evolved and experienced in this universal truth, the understanding that this ancient guidance exists, is one of the greatest treasures for discovery.  In essense, to know and heal our soul, our health and ourselves, is to evolve the greatest fufilment, within the construct of this human experience.


In this work, Miriam Clements, transforms the wishes of Amazon Chief and Spiritual Leader, Kazike Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado, into the western technicality of classification and description, with this strategy to provide a mechanism where international supporters can help to facilitate their independence and economic self sufficiency. 


A Wisdom Economy, is the valuable and legitimate economy, which once reigned and will exist again, for the ancestral people of the Amercia's.  A people devastated by invasions, theft and the contamination their lands, by those who ignored their graceful, spiritual existence.  This crime, clearly understood within the context of history, must be reconciled by the individuals who currently hold the power and reason to compel reparation, restitution and restoration of this culture and jungle ecosystem.


For the world to grant the indigenous people, this deserved autonomous rule and rightful guardianship of their ancestral land, then enables the world to learn from valuable teaching of healing and health for the individual mind, body and soul.  The world regains a relationship with the ancient artform that most nation states have lost.  Quality of life is our greatest wealth and the ancient guidance of indigenous spirituality based on the secrets of nature, to achieve our optimum personal state, is invaluable.  The obvious benefit is the ecosystem protection for 20% of the global fresh water and oxygen supply.  


Amazonia - A Nature Nation restoring A Wisdom Economy is the preservation of life itself




Perhaps the world's most ancient connection to spirit and truth exists within the Amazon.  A land dedicated to soul, body and wisdom, during a time of escalating desire for self-empowerment and natural healing, this is of epic unrealised value.



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The shaman leaders of the Amazon believe that the root of their systematic oppression, is the social, political and armed conflict.


If systems, dialogue and strategies for

security are developed, then their peaceful and spiritual, wisdom economy will flourish.

Amazonia - A Spiritual Leader
Amazonia - A Wisdom Economy
Amazonia - Spirituality