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the ' Victory World ' legal action

to enforce sustainable transition and eliminate profit and freedom from dirty industry

A commitment to balance

Preserving that which is sacred to life.

a solution.  Preventing Climate Change. 


Victory World

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Protecting all life through a unique, existing legal application that works when national governments & judiciaries fail to do so.

Appreciating that dirty industry won't stop - unless forced to give up their highly profitable devastation by personal criminal liability. 

Defining dirty energy & industry development & operation as illegal, forces voluntary, immediate transition to clean energy & sustainable industry.

Miriam Clements +Captain Paul Watson


Victory World founder Miriam Clements

giving the Victory World signal with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd & others.

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a message from Miriam Clements

Founder of the Victory World action. Author of the SQP-ICC legal context to prevent climate change  

SQP-ICC Context. a basic outline written a few years ago... but do register for the new argument. Its good.

The following outline simplifies the argument published to the United Nations and International Criminal Court in 2014.

The 2017 argument now under review by the court [ requires registration to recieve ] profiles a more sophisticated argument that has been developed over the six last years of creating cases to bring this legal context to life to protect.


legal context extract from

SQP CCPP profile.

International Criminal Court

[ extension ]

for Sustainability.


text amendment

to protect all life groups. 

The SQP-ICC legal context
The SQP-ICC legal context
The ICC for Sustainability
The ICC for Sustainability
Text amendment to protect all life
Text amendment to protect all life

SQP-ICC Context.  a three layered argument. 

[ human in nature ecosystem ]


National Group

[ existing legislation ]

 = 'one or more persons'



#local communities

#entire nations





brings about the physical destruction

of the human national group


[ global climate change ]


National Groups

[ cumulative argument on individual cases ]

= 'one or more persons'



#entire nations

#global population








Cumulatively the physical destruction of the environment - is bringing about the physical destruction of the entire human group [humanity] through the collapse of industrial civilisation, by a perfect storm of food, water and energy crisis within 15-20 years unless the thousands of dirty industry developments currently planned, are halted by investigations for their illegality under the existing SQP-ICC legal context & the individuals responsible for planning this continued harm are bought to justice. [  up to 30 years to life inprisonment, serious financial forfietures }


[ environmental ecosystems ]


National Group

[ simplified interpretation text amendment ]

= 'any life group'



#animal, pollinator & marine life

#natural ecosystems e.g.coral reefs


Conditions of life inflicted by the physical destruction, devastation

or damage to the environment, caused by industrial development or operation


[ to bring about, to become, to produce ]



[ 'a killer of', an 'act of killing' ]

* Article 6, definition C - defines the harm as 'physical destruction'.


The most basic definition of genocide denotes a crime in progress, where conduct which will 'bring about', produce or become physically destructive harm; where criminal investigation and trial is empowered to prevent this harm from progressing to a final outcome.


The term genocide is not a language term which defines only harm against humans, and therefore, suitably extends to cover harm to the environment, animal, pollinator and marine life.


SQP-ICC Context.  basic application. [ victory humanity law ] 

Victory World

The emergence of an insidious, sophisticated, corporate-political-military complex indifference to life has developed under industrial civilization, engineering of a modern-day, methodical, manifest pattern of genocide in process across the world.  In addition to inflicting direct harm on local communities and entire nations of people; science now calculates the cumulative industrial harm to bring about large-scale, widespread and severe physical destruction of humanity.   


The SQP-ICC context indentifies existing law within the Rome Statute Articles, which offers life immediate protection,   by preventing new harmful dirty-industrial developments, halting existing harmful dirty-industrial developments and realising financial reparation for the harm already caused, by holding the individual decision-makers criminally liable.



INDIVIDUALS   [ decision-makers - corporate | government  | private | any facilitator of the commision of the crime in any way ] 


DELIBERATELY [ awareness as knowledge of the circumstance and consequence of harm occurring within the ordinary course of events - Article 30 ]


[ attempt to [ evidenced by statements & orders progressing the conduct in a manifest [ obvious, apparent, evident ] pattern = corporate & government standard]


INFLICT CONDITIONS OF LIFE [ water/sound contamination, fuel pollution, development destruction, industrial harm, depleted food stock, forced relocation, ''' ]


CALCULATED [ by scientific evidence, etc ]


TO BRING ABOUT THE PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION [sickness & disease, starvation, shattered cultural bonds, way of life, sustainability, death, etc ] 


OF A NATIONAL GROUP [ communities, nations, global population of humans  |  with amendment: animal, polinator, marine life & ecosystems ]


IN WHOLE OR IN PART [ harm not required as death or for an entire group, but various forms of physical destruction inflicted on one or more within the group ]


* for detailed references to each Rome Statute Article which forms the SQP-ICC legal context, please refer to the detailed SQP-ICC legal context page.


** "Respect for the Sanctity of life underpins the whole of our criminal law" William Wilson.  International legal experts often invoke the

'principle of maximum effectiveness,' which interprets treaty language as having the fullest force and effect possible to establish obligations between the parties.  The language of treaties, like that of any law or contract, must be interpreted when the wording does not seem clear

or it is not immediately apparent how it should be applied in a perhaps unforeseen circumstance. The Vienna Convention states that treaties

are to be interpreted "in good faith" according to the "ordinary meaning given to the terms of the treaty in their context and in the light of

its object and purpose."



SQP Climate Change Strategy Summary

by Miriam Clements

Eliminating Climate Change by preventing new dirty-energy, industrial developments

+ replacing dirty energy consumption in existing cities with clean energy systems 

Support for the establishment of an International Criminal Court for Sustainability has been requested at the United Nations and from leaders around the world.

The Elders includes Kofi Annan, Martti Ahtisaari

Ela Bhatt, Lakhdar Brahimi, Gro Harlem Brundtland,

Fernando H Cardoso, Jimmy Carter, Hina Jilani, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu, Ernesto Zedillo 

and The Elders financiers including Richard Branson.

a solution.  Preventing Climate Change. 

Climate change can be naturalised, environmental destruction can be halted, dirty energy can be replaced efficiently, quickly
& economically; human rights can be protected; inequitable wealth and resource distribution can be re-balanced and life and
all the elements of value can be preserved. The physical destruction of humanity and the worlds environment can be prevented.
but not by increasing taxes to increase the difficulty of survival for the average citizen all across the world.

the carbon pollution tax

is not the most logical direct mechanism to resolve climate change.  


Preventing new industrial developments, which will cause climate change is.


And such legal prevention can force immediate clean energy investment, by realizing dirty energy investment as criminal.

1.                           2. 


focus now.


A criminal charge against decision-makers

Localised clean energy transition installations

DEVELOPING ALLIANCES with Strategic Partners,

Ambassadors, Endorsers,

& Financiers


PREPARING an ONLINE INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM to unify the campaign execution action & profile

WRITING the CASE SUBMISSION for the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT charging individuals with attempting & intending climate change destruction

Preparing the entrepreneurial business development of the clean energy transition exhibitions internationally

a solution to transition entire existing cities onto operational, self-sufficient clean energy generation and zero waste sustainable city living; economically, efficiently and commercialising the latest small scale clean-tech innovation.    


an open-source collaboration.   

to collate a criminal case [ based on an existing ICC law ] against individuals

deciding to advance industrial developments and activity that cause the environmental harm which accelerates climate change.  This law can prevent industrial developments & projects from beginning, completing or operating.  

an innovative new technology transition.