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It was an unexpected and inspired journey, which lead my life toward absolute commitment to protect that which provides life and seek peace for those sustaining un-wielding attacks against their existence.  In many cases, i believe there is a disconnect between the pursuit of profit and the harm, which it often causes within our largest industries.  I know that many decision makers are not connecting their actions or

benefits, with the genuine destruction that their gain requires and their conduct creates.


There is a complexity I continue to unravel about our meaning and purpose here in life. Seeking wisdom and knowledge that leads to a peaceful, wise and curious observation of

the world we navigate.  Perhaps a path always planned.  Perhaps an understanding of perspective and how those with the power and money need to realise their great responsibility to plan and transition value for all living energies.


I have self-funded most of my work but also discovered through this journey, the currency of kindness; perhaps our most valuable form of exchange and i thank those who've shown me this wealth.  Having previously excelled in a pure capitalist incarnation, I also know that such existence is experienced without the empowerment I feel through committing my mind and time to realising the freedom and dignity I believe this life should provide for all. It's sure that i have discovered the better way and greater currency.  

A respect for life.



I am not an NGO but an independent person who engineers my freedom of choice to seek the equilibrium that can exist here, for all living.  I am an entrepreneur, with visions and philosophy for the plans we may execute to realize sustainable change for a more Utopian society, through logical, rational strategies.


My legal, business and campaign constructs to realize this change, do need, require and greatly appreciate your support and financing.  If you feel inspired by my contribution and believe that I and those i work with, can add value to a world which so desperately needs that which i work towards, then your donations and support of any kind or value, whether financial or otherwise, are gratefully received.  


If you prefer your donation to be used for specific work programs such as the International Criminal Court legal case profiles, the Energy Transition Developments of existing cities, a Nature Nation work to return the Amazon to it's state of equilibrium that existed for thousands of years before recent foolishness, which is work I create in conjunction with the Amazon Spiritual Leader - Kazike Taita Querubin, then please do specify the intent of your finance or support and your trust that we will use your contribution in the best way possible, is welcomed.


I appreciate your consideration and generosity; I thank you for your trust and I really do welcome you to get involved in my work, whenever you realize you can add value.  To preserve the planet and protect it's inhabitants, your support for my strategies, business and legal actions, can actually force, inspire and engineer concrete change.  Our work takes the intent and co-operation of many.  I begin with visions that you can help to complete.


Thanks again.  Much love, Miriam.


Miriam Clements

Miriam Clements

Founder and director of the Victory Amazon & Victory Australia campaigns based on the SQP-ICC legal context, which Miriam identified and published, as the worlds sleeping giant of legal environmental protection and compelling change.

Noam Chomsky for Victory Amazon

Noam Chomsky for Victory Amazon

One of the world's greatest intellectuals giving the Victory Amazon signal.

Vivienne Westwood giving VA

Vivienne Westwood giving VA

One of the worlds greatest fashion designers and environment defenders giving Victory Amazon this year in London.

Gary Dourdan

Gary Dourdan

Famous US actor, Gary Dourdan giving the Victory Amazon signal at the Cannes film festival in 2014

Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd

Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd

The co-founder of Greenpeace and the world's most significant ocean protection fleet, giving the VA signal in Paris with Yana.

Kumi Naidoo - Greenpeace International Executive Director.jpg

Kumi Naidoo - Greenpeace International Executive Director.jpg

The leader of Greenpeace International giving the Victory Amazon signal.

Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon

Musician, photographer, environmentalist, continuing the message of his father, John Lennon.

Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins

Internationally renowned ecocide lawyer and legal expert giving the Victory Amazon & Victory Australia sign, in support of the SQP-ICC legal context published by Miriam Clements.

Pierre Frolla

Pierre Frolla

World Free Diving Champion with Victory Amazon Founder Miriam Clements and ambassador Jemima.

Dodda Maggy giving VA

Dodda Maggy giving VA

International artist whose works are immersed in study and reference of nature.


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To my existing supporters

Its meaningful to me to say thank you to those who have helped me succeed in that which i have achieved to date.  There are so many of you who quietly send me notes, make introductions, give me tips and open doors to opportunities that enable me to build this reality of change in this unique way.  Sometimes i feel that i am mounting a silent army for change. Although you work quietly without wishing to be known, your contribution means that you are carved in my history book of those rare individuals who risk, take time and invest to create real change, through adding value to the work which directly confronts or inspires change within the people making the daily decisions to cause the harm.  As I’ve often said, this is the work of 'changing the devils mind'.  Perhaps the documentary plan, that i will one day soon shoot.


I'm also sincerely grateful to those of high profile, who've supported my work, some of whom feature below in photographs, giving the Victory Amazon signal for my SQP-International Criminal Court legal context and energy transition strategy, which could stop climate change if the world gets behind it.  This law exists, the cases exist, those guilty exist, their crime, the court, their trials, the penalties all exist.  The technology and commercialization strategy exists to transform all existing cities to clean energy, effectively immediately.   We simply need to decide as a world, to demand this court, investigates these cases and bring this to life; and that cities choose to transition from dirty industry, rendering the plight of those who will lose money irrelevant.  




A unique approach to balance objectives sustainably.

International legal, business & campaign constructs.


Sustainable business in leading industries.



Speaking of a plan to protect people, planet, profit and life.

Representation of ethically extraordinary individuals.


Developments for balance, connection & respect.