The farming system that can revitalize the future of Australian Agriculture with natural rehydration.

In 2011, Peter Andrews was awarded the 'Order of Australia' medal by Her Majesty The Queen for his Natural Sequence Farming System [N.S.F], profiled

within his best selling book, 'Back from the Brink'.

N.S.F is now seeking 10 million in second stage finance to develop

the Commercialization Model for Decades of Scientifically Measured Installations across the varied Agricultural Landscapes of Australia.

N.S.F. is offering a 40% equity stake, in the N.S.F business, which will sell the farm conversion system that entails consultation, training, installation, tailoring and ongoing monitoring and optimization for each farm converted.

Owner Peter Andrews has invested 40 years and 10 million dollars to develop 

the scientifically backed and government accredited N.S.F. system.  Andrews discovered and matured a unique understanding of the natural way to rebuild the water and forestry sequence on agriculture land so that it would naturally re-hydrate the land, retain its carbon and eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides through understanding the power of combining regenerative plants to restore the soil quality.  The N.S.F system masters what would have been the lands natural hydration system balancing plants, water, weeds and soils since ancient time, before modern farming practice disturbed its natural genius.


The widespread commercialization of the N.S.F system offers the 54 billion dollar Australian Agriculture industry, its most valuable asset to preserve the future viability of the land by reinstalling the natural intelligence of the landscape.

The greater environmental impact is also invaluable.   The N.S.F system offers the world a solution to dramatically reduce and offset carbon through an agriculture methodology.  The solar-powered, photosynthetic processes of plants enables every tonne of material manufactured to generate three tonnes of Oxygen that is released and eliminates atmospheric contaminants.  If 30% of world agriculture were to convert to the mulch farming methodology incorporated into the N.S.F system and only 15 tonnes of organic material were used per acre, this would draw down enough carbon to have pre-industrial atmospheric levels within 10 years.   Converting destructive solar energy into a latent form through plants, acts as a catalyst for gentle rain, balanced climate and increased landscape productivity.

We ask your consideration to invest in the expansion of N.S.F in Australia.

  Rehydrating Australian Agriculture   


    Reinstating the Intelligence of the Ancient Landscape    

   To Commercialize the System to Transform Degraded Australian Landscapes into a Thriving Oasis  

Key Elements to the Commercial Development of N.S.F


A sales and installation team will be trained to consult and contract new farm conversions for N.S.F. system installations relevant to each of Australian's ten variations of 



N.S.F will establish a core advisory group to identify the landscape across 10 regions of Australia and plan each conversion combination


N.S.F qualified for a 15 million dollar interest free government approved loan for predicting the natural sequence of 

water and plants in the Australian Landscape to optimize salinity and fertility [ former system ]


N.S.F. will appoint a legal director to secure the legal dispensation necessary for the

weed repair required within this rehabilitation system that is honored by Her Majesty the Queen.


The development of N.S.F will commercialize 

the value distinguished by the Queen for its 

importance to Australia and its recognition as the Australian Invention of the Year, for the value of a 54 billion dollar industry.

Execution Stages for the Commercial Development of N.S.F

The N.S.F system will be installed and evidenced across Australia's ten agricultural regions with a network of trained installation experts and a world-class advisory board.

- N.S.F will contract three farms for a two month conversion process in each of the ten regions that represent Australia's different landscape types.

- N.S.F will therefore spend six months creating three N.S.F conversion model farms in each of the ten regions, requiring a total development period of five years.  

- A legal dispensation will be written, filed and acquired for the benefit of developing N.S.F's scientific research on each of the 30 contracted properties; with the view to attain a permanent dispensation for Australian installations.


- A systematization expert will be contracted to work with Peter Andrews to record, document and articulate the various N.S.F conversion processes; also to record the intellectual property of the business.


- The sales and installation team will be trained to contract and install N.S.F under Peter Andrews and son Stuart Andrews guidance, over the five year development period.


- A visual and brand profile will be photographed, videoed and designed to professionally package and present the N.S.F. commercial proposition to the agriculture industry for the purpose of sales and marketing.


- A publicist and a network and social media content co-ordinator will be contracted to manage communications with a growing network of N.S.F system converters.


- A strategic business development contractor will design and profile a national and international expansion plan for N.S.F. to maximize its growth potential.

Key Cost Profile for the Commercial Development of N.S.F

The five year development phase of commercializing N.S.F will produce the business model with appropriate legal dispensations that provide the base for a second round of investment.   The investor will have the option to sell the 40% equity stake, having secured a 13% rate of return per year - totaling an exit sum of 16.5 million - based on a multiple of 5 times the forecasted EBITDA.


The basic modelling profile below, details the investment of 10 million to develop 30 model N.S.F farms across Australia, whereby N.S.F have the ability to provide a conversion loan for each property, assuming that traditional funding or client self-financing may not possible.  Farms will be contracted on the basis of the potential for increased production by implementing the N.S.F system and thus conversion loans will be recovered within 2 years, due to increased revenues generated by a higher performing property.  The revenues due from interest rates on conversion loans have not been included in this core business forecast.  The recovered loans enable a perpetual finance supply for new farm conversions.

The R.O.I of 13% per annum is calculated based on a projection of a further 30 property conversions in each of the 10 regions of Australia.  These new conversions will be sales contracts secured after the model is demonstrated by the initial three conversion properties in each region.  Assuming the same revenue spread across a range of small, medium and large sized properties, the forecasted sales from 300 farms conversions across Australia would generate the potential for 116 million in Revenues.  Assuming a similar cost structure to the model conversion forecast and a 5 million dollar increase in business management and development costs for the period, the profit target would be 12 million over the installations for 300 farms, following the initial 30 conversions.  Less tax, this will result in profits close to 8.5 million.  The business value based on a 5 time multiplier - that assumes the business will continue at a rate of 330 farm conversions over the following five years without increasing in quantity - is estimated at 42.5 million, thus delivering a 17 million dollar valuation for the investors 40% equity position, enabling their exit by sale or refinancing, having secured a rate of 13%+ R.O.I per annum.

During the next phase of development, extensive modelling will be undertaken to address the possible variations and consider the potential exit strategy for a public market offering.

This Strategic Business Development model has been drafted by Miriam Clements at SQP, for Peter Andrews of Natural Sequence Farming.  Only experienced investors should consider this as a guide.  For all other investors it is advised to attain professional advice.

Nature Sequence Farming
Nature Sequence Farming
Natural Sequence Farming
Natural Sequence Farming
Natural Sequence Farming
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