A commitment to balance

Preserving that which is sacred to life.

a solution.       Preventing Climate Change. 


SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

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Climate Change Prevention Protocol.
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SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

* Join the commitment to request that the ICC and UN vote for an amendment to the Rome Statute 'interpretation text', which would extend the protection offered by the SQP-ICC context, to all life groups, including coral reefs and rainforest ecosystems; creating the only law that offers these ecosystems international protection through criminal penalties.


* Join the commitment to request that the ICC and UN formalise the ICC extension for sustainability cases.



The SQP-ICC legal context brings an existing law to life, with the power to prevent and stop thousands of industrial developments and operations that are causing great harm to people and planet.


The SQP-ICC context provides one of the most powerful and direct mechanisms   to force the world's transition to clean industry, prevent impending harm

and force accountability upon those advancing substantial destruction.  


Support our active facilitation of the

only existing legal mechanism with

the power to force the compromise

of power and profit, for the benefit  

of human and environmental health.



[ for sustainability ]

The only existing international law

that defines

industrial destruction and contamination

of ecosystems

as illegal,

with the power to order and enforce penalities upon individual



SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

by Miriam Clements

Eliminating Climate Change by preventing new dirty-energy, industrial developments

+ replacing dirty energy consumption in existing cities with clean energy systems 

Support for the establishment of an International Criminal Court for Sustainability has been requested from Helen Clark and others at the United Nations.

The Elders includes Kofi Annan, Martti Ahtisaari, Ela Bhatt, Lakhdar Brahimi, Gro Harlem Brundtland,

Fernando H Cardoso, Jimmy Carter, Hina Jilani, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu, Ernesto Zedillo and The Elders financiers including Richard Branson.

an open-source collaboration.   

to collate a criminal case [ based on an existing ICC law ] against individuals

deciding to advance industrial developments and activity that cause the environmental harm which accelerates climate change.  This law can prevent industrial developments & projects from beginning, completing or operating.  

a solution to transition entire existing cities onto operational, self-sufficient clean energy generation and zero waste sustainable city living; economically, efficiently and commercialising the latest small scale clean-tech innovation.    


SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

environmental ecosystem

destruction and pollution

Companies | Producers of oil, gas, coal & cement, are indentified reponsible for majority of emissions

90 companies produced 63% of the global emissions of industrial carbon dioxide & methane  | 1751 to 2010

Consumed by citizens who purchase the marketed product but individual footprints are not responsible.  

Climate Change acceleration primarily caused by Industrial Civilisation Companies - Investor | State-owned

Climate Change is being caused by all of the individuals decision-makers who facilitate any advance in new dirty industry developments or existing operations, including but not limited to:

investors, financing, construction and equipment company directors and decision-makers, PR, advertising, and consultancy firm directors and decisionmakers, licensors, government agents involved in approvals, etc...


SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

unsustainable exploitation of natural resources can cause the physical destruction of humanity

NASA funded mathematical model, predicts the collapse of industrial civilisation within 2 decades before 2035.

KPMG & UK Government Office of Science predict a perfect storm of energy, water and food crisis before 2030.

Carbon Track Group & 360.org predict 16 years till a devastating environmental crisis caused by carbon emissions.

The world will enter into "a dystopia of climate science fiction, including a rise in sea levels not seen in human history, species extinction, droughts, superstorms, heat waves from hell, coral kill-offs, and consequences we cannot yet imagine”. Bill McKibbon. 360.org

China is already broadcasting the sunrise on television screens due to thick smog obstructing the natural sun.

Paris citizens advised air-born cancer particles double safe level & 1/2 vehicles prohibited from use on alternate days.

United Nations IPCC confirm that humanities carbon budget of a 2% climate increase will expire within 16 years.

95% of current energy is dirty, less than 5% clean but clean energy transition is immediately possible.

It requires a willingness to cease production of oil, gas, coal, nuclear & hydro, which is unlikely to be voluntary,

& invest in energy commercialisations that use waste, sewage, microbial, algae, hydrogen & artificial photoynthesis, regardless of profitability


Estimates suggest a current energy & electricity market value of 7.5 + trillion, with a market value over 11.5 trillion by 2035.  


Mandatory legal & market structures need to ensure this energy growth is fufilled with clean energy technology innovation 

Otherwise at current levels, existing companies may continue to develop 90% + of 38 trillion invested in new oil, coal, gas, hydro & nuclear developments.

Accelerating international climate change & intentionally inflicting conditions of life on the national people of the earth that will cause physical destruction

Energy Demand will increase by 80% before 2035.  Investment required is estimated at over 38 trillion. 


In Paris, 2015, November 30th at


Cop 21/CMP11 The United Nations

Climate Change Conference


all countries will sign a new global tax and trade system based on carbon emissions

According to the organizing committee, the 2015 conference objective, will for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations,

be to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate,

from all the nations of the world.

A new global tax to resolve environmental pollution is proposed by leaders of the world, whilst governments continue to license

new destructive industrial developments to accelerate climate change, with knowledge that it will induce physical destruction.

International citizens can instead support prevention of further environmental destruction to halt climate change acceleration & human rights violations

& hold company decision-makers & owners who profited from causing climate change [CC] responsible for the cost of rebalancing the world's ecosystem


A new tax will not stop thousands of multi billion dollar dirty industrial developments planned for the next 20 years but it

will provide an central, international mechanism to redistribute your wealth without accountability or detailed justification.

Climate change can be naturalised, environmental destruction can be halted, dirty energy can be replaced efficiently, quickly
& economically; human rights can be protected; inequitable wealth and resource distribution can be re-balanced and life and
all the elements of value can be preserved. The physical destruction of humanity and the worlds environment can be prevented.
but not by increasing taxes.

the carbon pollution tax

is not the most logical direct mechanism to resolve climate change.  


Preventing new industrial developments, which will cause climate change is.


And such legal prevention can force immediate clean energy investment, by realizing dirty energy investment as criminal.

nation-state citizens to pay tax for the damage caused by profitable investor & state-owned corporate entities

In the history of mankind, 

no-one who attempted a 

global empire ever succeeded.

Achieving a global empire would have been represented by the right to collect taxes from the income of each individual citizen in the world. This is what next years

Cop 21 agreement can secure.

SQP-ICC Context - Climate Change Strategy 

The decision makers curating this international tax and trade carbon system solution, are the people profiting from the multi billion dollar dirty industrial developments, which cause the climate change.  They are the same companies who often secure valuable tax breaks, refunds, exemptions and lobby control of the system, whilst the people of moderate means, pay the bill.

Oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydro and non renewable resource energy producing companies will not voluntarily convert to clean energy when their core business

remains profitable and they continue to plan and develop new harmful industrial operations around the world without conseqence.   Their high profitability

can absorb or deflect taxes through private government agreements to facilitate GDP and the environmental devastation will esculate without limitation. 


A clean-energy system transition, structured for efficient and economical installations around the world, which integrates all the existing clean energy technologies, including the latest in small-scale hydrogen fuel cell and artificial photosynthesis technology, allowing a route to commercialisation that does not yet currently exist for such new innovations. Multiple installations of small plants across cities, eliminates the restriction of large scale processing plants which commonly limit participation to ultra high net worth investors and small structures simplify operational costs and heighten localised participation.  

An existing International Criminal Court Law enables a case to be submitted based on The Prevention of Genocide Convention and the penalties within the Rome Statute to hold decision makers who intend and attempt industrial developments which will cause further climate change, individually and personally criminally liable for bringing about the physical destruction of humanity and the culture of industrial civilisation. 

An immediate, efficient, economical clean energy transition through utilitarian exhibition conversion city installations.

Criminal charges against all the industrial development decisionmakers destroying the environment through business that accelerates climate change.  A case application to the ICC that offers up to 30 years imprisonment for their decisions to advance the environmental destruction.

Forced, legislative & inspired investment into clean-energy alternatives

a solution.       Preventing Climate Change. 

1.                              2. 

focus now.


A criminal charge against decision-makers

Localised clean energy transition installations

Uniquely, Article 25.f of the ICC Rome Statute profiles that if a person abandons the attempt to commit the crime or otherwise prevents the completion of the crime voluntarily & completely, then they shall no longer be liable for punishment.  Therefore, [ the VICTORY WORLD Campaign, Victory Humanity Law, Victory Amazon, Victory Africa and other Victory cases ] has the unique opportunity to inspire parties involved to abandon their dirty energy, pollution causing investment and pursue alternative clean energy strategies.


This law [article 6, definition C] is relevant for any decisions made since 2002, which will inflict conditions of life upon people that will bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part. Where the decision makers [article 25] had awareness and knowledge of the harm due to be caused in the ordinary course of events of their industrial developments or activity [article 30], they can be charged with the Prevention of Genocide Rome Statute. Government licensing does not exempt liability and holding government office does not provide amnesty [article 33].


This is a legal action, which could offer powerful environmental  protection for all life of the world.  This law has been the undiscovered sleeping giant of individual accountability for decision making that causes harm.


Read the legal overview argument written recently to The Elders, , inlucding Kofi Annan, Martti Ahtisaari, Ela Bhatt, Lakhdar Brahimi, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Fernando H Cardoso, Jimmy Carter, Hina Jilani, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu, Ernesto Zedillo, The Elders financiers including Richard Branson and sits with the United Nations.  Scroll Down.

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