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A unique approach to balance objectives sustainably.


Representation of ethically extraordinary individuals.


Sustainable business in leading industries.

Developments for balance, connection & respect.

Speaking of a plan to protect people, planet, profit and life.




A business development to transition existing cities to clean energy installations, installed within the concept of an exhibition, which can remain long-term.

A business development to construct a pilot unit of all small scale waste to value technologies that can complete the cycle of value for all products and resources used as new revenue models.

A business development to construct a pilot of small scale solar, water and plant technologies, for self sufficient energy generation of a city street, connected through a city-wide micro-grid. 

A European Financial Fund structure, designed to host multiple, legally autonomous development compartments, to realise international investment in seperate operational city clean-energy installations.  Undergoing the formal submission process.


International legal, business & campaign constructs.

Invest in the most important environmental protection and moral retraction of our time.  A land which has always belonged to the people of the Amazon, returned, restored and made sacred for the life of nature.

A European Financial Impact Fund structure, designed to allow 'measured money', 'retained return' and 'invested investors' as a unique structure to direct low interest investment that allows farmers to transition from conventional to sustainable systems. 

A Vision for Paris, to realise a clean energy transition for self sustainable energy supply and waste to value transition, creating new revenue models and local jobs.

Help to develop the living legacy of the highest spiritual leader of the Amazon and shamanic healer, who has endured unspeakable terror fall upon his people. Help to codify the legacy of this great, peaceful man, for him to pass on the code of wisdom from this sacred jungle nation, to the future generations of humanity to know the spirit of nature. 

An important party, for more important reasons, is a nightlife, entertainment business to network and transition people toward a cultural shift that has a code of honor, in repsect for life.  If you're not sustainable, you're not invited. Infact, this is also the new reward commitment in a crowd funding campaign. A life lived lavishly and gracefully, for your investment.

SQP - Bridge of Wisdom -Resort Accom
SQP Bridge to Wisdom - Amazonia




I am interested to become a benefactor to Build An Amazonia Bridge to Wisdom
I am interested to become a benefactor to Build An Amazonia Bridge to Wisdom